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  1. Willow is a very friendly and intelligent dog. She is very obedient and willing to serve. She is trustworthy and loyal.

    Willow’s family is very friendly and great to work with. They provide a fantastic atmosphere where the Goldens are able to learn and grow in a healthy environment.

  2. Willow is so beautiful and is an excellent mother to those puppies before they go to their forever homes!

  3. Carrie at Twin Canyon Retrievers is nothing short of a wonder! Her diligence with each puppy sets her apart from any other breeder. Our next puppy will definitely come from Twin Canyon Retrievers!

  4. Willow is so smart, unafraid, and always ready for the next adventure. At 50 pounds, she has the perfect small and athletic build. She has a gorgeous rich dark red coat. Her family has taken her training to the next level, and really invested time and energy into the dog they love.

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